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Fic: As I Surrender to This Sunken Bed

It's my first post here. YAY! \0/

Title: As I Surrender to This Sunken Bed
Author: musicboxgirl
Characters: Nick Jonas, Nestor Carbonell, Joe Jonas
Rating: NC-17ish
Summary: Imagine Little House on the Prairie full of love and happiness. This is not that story. Nick and Joe are squatting on some prime property in Arizona and Nestor Carbonell is known for taking what he wants, when he wants, thank you very much, and he wants the pretty boy.
Link: As I Surrender to This Sunken Bed
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picspam: everyone

As the emperor of the community, I hereby declare that picspams are awesome and totally okay. Plus, I need to inspire myself into lacking the shame to write the fic where Joe Jonas turns into a girl and no one notices. Ahem, yes.

I fucking love Miley Cyrus. Yeah, I don't know! I just do.

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