why? because they paid us!

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Why? Because They Paid Us!
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M-I-C (See ya real soon!)
K-E-Y (Why? Because they paid us!)

This community is for teerlove fic/media. What is this strange word, teerlove, you might be asking yourself? Teerlove is the old skool name for Mousketeer fic, back when Mousketeers still existed. But in my fandom wisdom, I have decided to co-opt the label for all the House of Mouse kids, real and fictional (but they're really all fictional, aren't they?). From Justin to Miley, Ryan freaking Gosling to the Jonas Brothers. Lindsey Lohan to Fergie. Emerald Cove to Hannah Montana and everything in between.

In conclusion, I just want someone to write me a Wipeout/Shane Gray fic, please. I think it's only fair.

Speaking of fic, here's an example header for when you decide to post that Nick Jonas-Miley Cyrus body swap fic:

Title: Awesome Body Swaps R US
Author: (your name here)
Characters: (so we know who's in the story)
Rating: use whatever rating system you prefer, just try to label anything with graphic sex "adult" or similar
Summary: Tell us what this story is about
Link/LJ-cut: you can link from your journal (make sure it's not f-locked) or post the story BEHIND A CUT TAG.

Any other information you want to add is cool. If you have a banner or whatever for your story, that's awesome, but if it's bigger than 400x400 pixels, put it behind a cut tag. Some people (*cough*) read fic at work and we can't get caught with Zefron's face all huge on our computer screen, followed by a prison AU or whatever.

Media is welcome, fan-generated or not. If it's big, put it behind a cut. Tell us what it is, who's involved, whatever. Just use common sense. I hate it when people embed videos with no explanation. It means I click on it at work and end up watching Robert Pattinson get followed around by paparazzi. Lamecats.

Tags will be simple and by character. If I'm missing any characters you want me to add, just let me know via comment or email (phaballa at livejournal). It's your responsibility to tag your posts so that people can find them again later. I will also add a few genre tags like 'mpreg' and 'genderswap' and so on.

I made a resource post! If you have links you want me to add to it or here in the userinfo, leave me a comment/email me.

+Teerlove resource post